Standing in front of my work!


Standing in front of my work!

Brad Danner

Consumer of creations, Creator of consumables. With a fervor for more cowbell and cooking great dishes at home or with his friends, Brad loves to figure out new ways to make his favorite dishes even better. From food and drink to raw ingredients, Brad celebrates the things we consume by creating images and video that showcase the art of our culture through a visual medium. As each image contains the life of a meal, the narrative by which they exist in speaks to us through the surrounding elements. By constructing these images, it is within our means to visually communicate past a mere list of ingredients to something intrinsic to the elements of the finished product.

As Brad works closely to the things we consume, the ambition for visually representing the art of the delicacies that we desire is a fervor unabated. Whether in the studio or on location, the qualities of working with food and drink intensifies Brad's zeal for creating images of culinary perfection that are intended to spur the appetite and create a desire for consumption. 

Client List

DDB Chicago, McDonalds, Conagra, Reddi-Wip, Pam, Marie Calendars, Starburst, Miller Lite, Home Run Inn, Time Out Chicago, Pinstripes Bowling and Bocce, Olive Mediterranean Grill, The Drake Hotel, Hilton Chicago, FCB Chicago, Idea Booth, Savane Properties, Weatherby's Bitters, Bangtel