Brad Danner

Brad Danner, a second generation Floridian eager for new artistic frontiers, migrated to the wintry north to study commercial photography at Columbia College Chicago in 2011. During his tenure there, he sampled an array of photographic avenues but found that he connected most deeply with the curation and processes associated with food photography. He was instantly enamored with the narrative expressed through well styled fare – from the base elements to the auxiliary embellishments. Brad celebrates the things we consume by creating images and video content that showcase the art of our culture through a visual medium. Some may go so far as to say that his fervor for encapsulating the beauty of what we eat is matched only by his passion for acquiring more cowbell. With his zest for life and the zest of lemon, he effortlessly transforms everyday consumables into elevated curio. 

Client List

DDB Chicago, McDonalds, Hyatt Hotels, Conagra, Reddi-Wip, Pam, Marie Calendar’s, Heaven’s Door Whiskey, Starburst, Miller Lite, Home Run Inn, Hello Delicious, Healthy Skoop, Time Out Chicago, Pinstripes Bowling and Bocce, Olive Mediterranean Grill, Saba Italian, The Drake Hotel, Hilton Chicago, FCB Chicago, Idea Booth, Savane Properties, Weatherby's Bitters, Sonder, Bangtel